My name is Lisa Adams, Welcome to Goddess Powered

Spiritual Badass, Goddess-preneur, High Priestess of all things Holistic and Mystical, Yogini, Renegade Mystic, Astrologer, Warrior, Luminary, Catalyst of profound awakenings and setting souls on fire! My dedication to self-growth fuels my passion to help others do the same.


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Tap In...

Learn to tap in to powerful Divine Universal energies and create a better life in EVERY way! Live a healthier, more joyful, energetic life full of love, connection, and meaning. Work with me and I will show you how to THRIVE.



Soul Path Work

Are you at a crossroads? In the midst of change and don’t know what to do, or where to go? Stuck in a rut? Are you overthinking everything? I help you stop all that nonsense –┬á and own your true power. You’ll love and trust yourself more fully, experience renewed enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose.

Intuitive Readings

Feeling bogged down by fear and uncertainty? You want to make some changes, but you’re afraid of making the wrong choices. Deep down inside there is a voice – your Inner Wisdom – and it’s speaking to you all the time – but fear gets in the way. I offer intuitive card readings to help you hear and trust that wise voice within you.

Ceremonies and Rituals

Sacred Ceremony marks a significant moment in time, aligning your desires with powerful universal energies. I’m a huge believer that Sacred Ceremony is a missing key to true healing. Tell the universe where you stand, what your intentions are, and ask for support in your endeavors. I help you create custom ceremonies and rituals to make meaningful, lasting impressions that elevate your experiences and resonate throughout your life.


True healing comes about when body, mind, and spirit are acting together. Need help uncovering the underlying mental/emotional/spiritual core of an overall issue – whether it be a health issue, pattern of imbalance, acts of self-sabotage, or negative way of thinking? Shamanic Energy Work can help you heal and release the core issue, so you can move forward with more clarity, energy, and vitality.

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My Passion is working one-on-one helping people just like you have profound insights and elevate your life to new heights! Work with me to take action and create transformation that lights you up from within.