Heal, Release, Transform, Transcend

With Shamanic Energy Healing

Everything is made of Energy

All matter is made of energy. Therefore, everything in this world – you, me, that electronic device you’re holding, the coffee you drank, and that tree over there. You are made of energy and you even have what’s referred to as an energy body.

Your energy body is where your spirit and physical body connect. And, it’s part of who you are, what you are made of, and what makes you, YOU! Your energy body carries information from your emotions, your thoughts, beliefs, and even your past lives, your subconscious, and your Super-conscious.

Energy healing is found in many forms, in many cultures, throughout history. We’ve all heard stories of shaman, medicine wo/men, spiritual healers, spontaneous healing, and so forth. Energy can change form and frequency. It can be directed, dispersed, moved, changed and transmuted. So it goes that your body, mind, emotions and spirit are affected by energy.

I’ve been working intentionally with energy as a healer and Priestess for over 23 years. I’ve studied different types of energy healing and have learned (and continue to learn) a great deal through experience and by working with my guides, the Angels, and Ascended Masters. Taking a more shamanic approach, I don’t practice one particular brand of healing – I blend and meld, doing what is called for in the moment as a Medicine Woman.

I work directly or remotely to help you get to the core of any issue. I also draw upon my extensive coaching and holistic health  expertise to give you helpful tips for self-care, ritual, and energy work you can do on your own to further your healing.

Personal Healing

Are you dealing with a health issue or imbalance? A mental or emotional block that is holding you back from making changes in your life? While doctors are very good at what they do – address disease and manage health crises – they aren’t always trained in addressing imbalances, or in empathy. They don’t necessarily heal the root cause, though they may help.

Own your power, and start tuning in to what your body is trying to tell you. You need a healer on your team of practitioners – someone who can help you uncover the answers within yourself so you can address the issues assailing you.

You will be heard and feel understood. You will walk out feeling more relaxed and empowered to take action. You will know that you can handle anything that comes your way and rise above it, having learned and become better every time.

I help you find the answers that are within you. I can also point you in the direction of other healing modalities that may be of help. The body is a miracle of healing, always seeking homeostasis. Not only is healing possible, it is logical and natural – inevitable.

Contact me to get your healing journey under way.

Healer’s Mentor

Becoming a healer is a calling, and not one to be taken lightly. I enjoy teaching and mentoring new healers so that they can be successful and effective from the start. My offerings include classes in Reiki and other healing modalities, and advanced healing techniques for those who are more serious about walking the Path of Healer. New healers will identify their strengths and talents, and receive guidance in further developing those skills.

I establish the importance of self-care from the beginning. It’s imperative that healers take measures to ensure their own health and well-being through healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, exercise, and through practicing good psychic and energetic hygiene. A healer cannot serve and function if they are not at their best. It takes a great deal of stamina, vitality, and being grounded to run a lot of healing energy through your body.

With over 23 years of success in Holistic Health, I also include practical business tips for running a professional healing practice and building a clientele. If you are serious about walking the Healer’s Path, a good mentor can be very helpful, especially if you are looking for ideas and solutions.

Let’s talk about your calling and how I can help you along your path.