Sovereignty – The New-Paradigm Approach to Relationships and Love


Sovereignty: The New-Paradigm Approach to Relationships and Love

A 6-week online course to learn what it means to be Sovereign and change the ways you understand and engage in relationships.

Begins Monday, October 8th – look for your email confirmation with relevant links.

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Let’s be honest – we are indoctrinated to grow up, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, buy more things…. to live within an old ideal, an out-moded system.

When we marry/partner we have ideas about what it’s supposed to be, how life isn’t complete without it, and that we need to have a partner to build a life.

Then we partner/marry and it’s not like we thought. It’s a letdown.

We compromise who we are to fit into this idea of partnership that doesn’t fulfill us. It’s a relationship paradigm meant to make up the perfect consumer unit – a family that supports economic growth – the Great American Dream/Nightmare. Debt. Consumption. More. A bigger, better, newer version…

How do we break the cycle of co-dependent, unhealthy, unfulfilling, drama-fueled love relationships?!?

Enter Sovereignty: The New-Paradigm Approach to Relationships and Love

It’s a way of living life with authenticity and in alignment with your own integrity.

In this course we’ll explore:

*Why Monogamy, polyamory, and other relationship models are limiting, and come with too much “baggage.”

*Why keeping yourself inside the boxes society and communities tell you are socially “acceptable” makes you miserable and puts undue pressure on your relationships.

*What it means to have dominion over your own life.

*How honoring your boundaries helps you partner in ways that feel good to everyone involved.

*How to base your choices in self-love and self-respect, first and foremost.

*How relating in authentic ways creates more meaning and healthy communication.

*Ask yourself some powerfully insightful questions to enhance self-awareness.

*How making the leap out of old patterns of thinking and relating make you more confident in relationships and other areas of life.

*Why letting go of expectations allows more richness into your life and relationships.

*How creating agreements keeps things from becoming stagnant while keeping everyone happy.

*Helpful tools that clarify your boundaries, your “yeses” and “nos.”

*How embodying Sovereignty allows you direct understanding and application of this new approach to relationships and love.

*Establish self-care routines that support a dynamic shift in your ways of thinking and being.

*Much more material will be offered!!!


This course will be administered through Facebook to eliminate excessive email communication.

I dislike too much email and spam, and I’m guessing you feel similarly. Therefore, after initial email contact with confirmation and links, all course content will be accessed through a private Facebook group that I’ve already set up for just this purpose.

Each week there will be a 60-90 minute LIVE Zoom conference loaded with content.

You will also receive weekly self-awareness exercises.

You’ll have access to a community of people navigating the course and the same self-awareness exercises as you. Everyone gets to share their insights and experiences, and interact for deeper understanding and clarity. We grow faster and better, when we learn and share together.

As a participant in this course, you will have lifetime access to its content for as long as the course is offered, as it evolves and becomes updated into the future.


I’m truly excited to share this material and new way of BEing/thinking with you. Please join me.



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