Intuitive Readings to get you on track

Spirit Energy that exists in everything and is everywhere, and is trying to get YOUR attention! Signs, messages, visions are all around you, at any given time. Learn how to see, hear, and feel them. Move through your day knowing how loved you are, how protected you are, that you can tune in to know what is best at any given moment.

As an Intuitive, I show you how to tune in to the the true source of wisdom that lies inside of you. All those signs and visions you think you see – or aren’t sure of, are mirrors to your soul. I truly enjoy doing readings, especially when clients light up and have an “Aha!” moment.

Divination and readings provide a forum to understand universal knowledge that we all posses – that voice within you knows all the answers to your questions!

I am a Certified Angel Card reader and offer Angel Card readings and Oracle Card readings providing valuable guidance and insight to your questions about life. The cards provide loving, empowering messages that are helpful in times of uncertainty – they help you to affirm what you already know to be true. Angels act as messengers, providing guidance, protection, information, and inspiration so you can live your best life and achieve your desires.

Readings give you positive, insightful information in to any situation.


Readings are available via phone, Skype, or in-person. 

Investment for a one-hour session is $80, and half-hour is $40

A month-by-month, year-long reading is $140


***NOW AVAILABLE – Personalized Alchemy Reading $140

Alchemy readings are the most powerful readings I’ve ever done, and I am now making them available to you! They consist of seven cards – one each from seven different decks to give you guidance from all manner of spirit allies. I take the time to write our your personalized message, along with pictures of the cards, and specific activities, and rituals for you to perform and work with the energy available to you.

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When you were born the planets and the stars were aligned in a unique way. Think of it as the special recipe that makes you who you are. This special alignment informs why you are the way you are, your challenges in life, your gifts, talents, and more. As the planets move through time and space, their energy affects what happens here on Earth and they affect you depending on your astrological natal chart.

You’ll learn your rising sign, your moon sign, and why those are important, along with a lot of other things that will only make sense to you. It’s like having permission to be exactly who you are – without apology. This is great fun, and incredibly insightful. You will feel validated and inspired to be your most authentic self.


I cast the chart for your birth, and we go over it together for an hour.Readings are done over the phone, Skype, or in-person. You’ll get a link to your chart so you can always have it to refer to.


One hour $80

**this is a great price on chart readings, schedule yours before the price goes up.