Workshops, Classes, and Retreat Schedule

Wednesdays at 6:30pm, Yoga Dance Temple at Sanctuary Yoga and Wellness, Staunton, VA. We meditate, practice yoga asana, and ecstatic dance. It’s a perfect blend.


September 20th-23rd- Lovelight Yoga + Arts Festival, Reisterstown, MD –

I’m the main facilitator for Lovelight’s new Tantra Yoga program. I’ll be teaching Tantric Shamanism, Intro to High Heart, Low Heart, and Intro to Sovereignty.


October 25th-26th – Creatrix 2018: Building a Thriving, Conscious Business, a 2-day Event for Mindful, Evolutionary Feminine Entrepreneurs, D.C. Metropolitan Area, MD.

I will be presenting Psychic Hygiene for Sensitives, Tantra of Work, and will facilitate Dance Temple.


November 3rd – Rites of Passage – a Day-long Retreat to Celebrate Your Personal Goddess Journey, East Meets West Yoga, Vienna, VA. 11am-8pm, This is part of my collaboration with Mina Habibi and Invoking Shakti – our project that empowers and inspires women to create change and healing in the world.



November 10th – Remembering Who We Were, Becoming Who We Are; a Sisterhood Gathering, presented by Invoking Shakti, at The Goddess’ Inner Sanctum, Staunton, VA. (Private event)


February 1st-3rd 2019 – Divine Feminine and Masculine Rising Online Summit, I’ll be among many presenters from around the world, speaking to the healing taking globally, with regards to the bifurcation of the Masculine and Feminine.

February 16th, 2019- Sacred Heart Sound Healing and Cacao Ceremony, Beloved Yoga, Reston, VA, with Jim and Ashley Cash of Woven Green.



If you feel Called to do healing work, or consider yourself a healer and want to learn more, this is a great opportunity – the time is now. The world could use more healing and Healers.

I have over 25 years of experience in the healing arts – working with energy, and helping others to heal.

Learn how to identify and hone your natural gifts and abilities, recognize and feel energy, as well as practical applications for hands-on healing. You can apply these techniques to yourself, your loved ones, animals, plants, and the Earth.

You will also learn Reiki I techniques, history, and receive a Reiki I attunement. I also teach you basic Therapeutic Touch skills. I emphasize the importance of self-care and psychic hygiene as aspects of walking the Healer’s Path.

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Holding a special event? I’m available!

Since 1999, I’ve participated in and organized many types of events including retreats, conferences, Red Tents, festivals, celebrations, and coming of age rites. I can come teach, lead ceremonies, or offer tarot readings. Even if you’re just having a get together, and you want to make it really special, I customize my offerings based on your event and the meaning you want to convey.

Workshops include:

High Heart, Low Heart (see below)

Shamanic Death, Initiation, and Rebirth

The Holy Trinity – Fire, Drumming, and Dancing – How to Work with the Energy

Chakras – This workshop can be a quick, 2-hour introductory class, or an 8-week intensive. I teach basic chakra anatomy that includes descriptions of how energy moves through the entire chakra system, give an overview on each individual chakra, and discuss ways to heal, cleanse, open, and balance each each one. There is also discussion of activities and holistic ways to address this vital part of our energy anatomy.


Working with Crystals – I LOVE crystals and have been working with them for almost 30 years! This workshop is a discussion of various ways to use crystals for self-care and healing, to manifest your goals and dreams, and to enhance all aspects of your life.


Your Sixth Sense and How to Use It – Everyone is intuitive and possesses a sixth sense. I teach you how to discriminate which sixth sense is your strongest, as well as how to further develop your innate psychic abilities. You learn how to tell if something is a “no” or a “yes” for you. Developing your intuition pays off tremendously in every aspect of your life. You’ll be less confused, and find there’s no more guesswork, overthinking, or questioning – you simply check in and *know.*


High Heart, Low Heart – Cultivate healing, love, health, gratitude and abundance for yourself and others. I discuss and explore ways in which we can own our Power as Goddesses of Love and Warriors for Healing by harnessing the power of love, bringing about real results in our lives. Through discussion, movement, sound, and guided meditation, learn to tap in to the seat of Feminine Power – the High Heart and Low Heart. The High Heart is an organ made up of different parts – chambers, valves, etc. The Low Heart as an “energetic” organ is made up of our physical feminine sexual organs – the vagina, womb, ovaries, etc. Be prepared to meditate, move your body through gentle exercise and discuss graphic and/or traditionally taboo (but not taboo here) topics. This is a powerful medium, one not to be taken lightly. There is a possibility that deeply personal issues of past sexual and other forms of abuse may come up for the workshop attendee.


Reiki I, II, &/or III – As a Reiki Master and Energy Healer with over 20 years experience, I enjoy teaching others how to tap into their innate healing abilities. You’ll learn the history and tenants of Reiki, basics of working with energy, how to use your psychic gifts, and Healing Touch techniques. You receive a certificate upon completion.


Psychic Hygiene – Good Psychic Hygiene is as important to your health and well-being as basic physical hygiene. It’s crucial to practice good self care in the form of boundaries, how you project and receive energy from others and from your environment, cleansing, clearing, and neutralizing energy in your aura and surroundings, and taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. This topic is vast and a deep-dive into feeling your best on every level. I make tons of suggestions on keeping your energy feeling good, and how to tackle psychic attacks.


Goddess Spirituality – Women’s Spirituality and Red Tent gatherings are powerful ways to connect to other women, and to the Goddess Within. When you are in touch with, and expressing your own divinity, then you are better able to see the divine within each person you meet along the path of life. Let’s find our Inner Goddess, engage in Divine Play, and let her shine! There are no limits to the ways you can express your authentic Divine Nature as the Goddess you were born to be. What rocks your world? THAT is where to begin this journey.

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