Yoga + Astrology = Yogastrology® ::Now offering Yogastrology® Initiation Training!::

I am a certified Yogastrologer®
Yoga + Astrology + Ayurveda = Underlining the mind/body connection, your understanding deepens as you come to realize that you, in fact, embody the energy of the cosmos.
Yogastrology® has been life-changing, bringing about true Alchemy in my life.
It has helped me to understand intuitively that we are made up of the Cosmos, our bodies are our wisest teachers, and every crazy, ecstatic, fucked-up thing that happens in life is perfection.
Join me for Yogastrology® workshops





Yogastrology® workshops last 2-2 & 1/2 hours and include several components –

Designed to work with the underlying energy cycles of the Sun, Moon, and other planets in our solar system.
Current astrology will be discussed in a way that allows everyone to understand and work consciously with the energy to their own benefit.
Each Yogastrology® workshop will have its own feel and practice depending on the current cycles.  As we actively observe and participate in the ongoing and changing cycles of the earth and seasons, we become more attuned to these cycles and their effects on our bodies, minds, and spirits.
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I am also a Certified Yogastrology® Ambassador offering Yogastrology® Initiation training.

12-Hour Initiation Training: Mandala of Wholeness

Initiation is for those who wish to Become Yogastrology® Inspired certified  and / or deepen their knowledge of the sky, body correlations, and much more. Everyone is welcome.

  • Friday evening experience an Elemental Ceremony followed by training Saturday and Sunday.
  • You will get Yoga + Western Astrology wellness practices to support all 12 zodiac signs throughout the year (Sun cycles, Sun signs, 12 New Moons)
  • Learn astrology through the divinity that is your body, and the ancient wisdom of yoga
  • Experience how to build bridges between these ancient sister systems, yoga and astrology
  • Explore how * Fire * Air * Water * Earth * transforms everyday wellness into a nuanced healing ritual
  • Do simple rituals in sync with the eternal rhythms of the Sun and Moon
  • Learn how to put it all together to lead gatherings, host workshops, offer women’s circles, and more
  • You will receive the a certificate upon completion and your name will be listed on the Yogastrology® website.

What does the training entail?

We begin with an Elemental ceremony Friday evening. We’ll get to know each other as we drop deep into sacred ceremony, meditation and circle time together.

Saturday we dive into body correlations with the zodiac signs, the sacred elements of fire, water, air and earth, and we examine the energy of each zodiac sign. We’ll also move on the mat to a full Yogastrology® mat practice so you can feel the energy of the sky in your body. We’ll move through a variety activities where you get to play with astrology and yoga and how we can incorporate it into our classes and our lives.

Sunday we’ll complete our training with more hands on activities, time on the mat and a closing ceremony including a presentation of diplomas.

The schedule will look something like this:

  • Friday 6-9pm: Ceremonial Bonfire & Potluck Dinner
  • Saturday 9-noon: Workshop
  • Saturday noon-2pm: Lunch Break
  • Saturday 2-5pm: Workshop
  • Sunday 9-noon: Workshop & Closing Ceremony

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